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MythicMobs - custom mobs

MythicMobs allows you to create custom mobs and bosses with advanced skills and attributes

If the plugin does not work with MythicMobs, use version 5.0.2.

This feature is provided to you by yzl210, don't hesitate to thank him!

How to use an oraxen item for the drops?


oraxen [oraxen item name] [amount to drop(number or region)] [chance to drop(0-1)]


oraxen custom_material 3-4 0.75 This means that it has 75 percent chance to drop 3 to 4 custom_material items.

How to equip your mob with an oraxen item?


oraxen [slot] [oraxen item(equipment) name]


  • 0, mainhand, weapon

  • 1, boots, shoes

  • 2, leggings, pants

  • 3, chestpiece, chestplate, body

  • 4, helmet, helm

  • 5, shield

5 is OffHand, but you can't put offhand, because MythicMobs's Author didn't put the alias.


oraxen mainhand custom_sword It means that you put a custom_sword item in MainHand. oraxen 3 custom_chestplate It means that you put a custom_chestplate item in ChestPlate slot (as an armor)

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