Iris World Generator

Iris is a paid world generator
IrisWorldGenerator allows you to easily generate a really cool looking world. This supports custom BlockDatas, so you can add custom minerals created with Oraxen to be generated like diamond for example. Spigot Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/iris-world-gen-the-dimension-engine.84586/

How to create custom ores

In this example we assume that you have added a block (an amethyst ore for example) following this example to your oraxen configuration.

1) Locate your dimension configuration

Go to Iris/pack/YOUR_PACK_NAME/dimensions/YOUR_DIMENSION_NAME.json, by default this should be: Iris/packs/overworld/dimensions/overworld.json
Then, open the file (or the vscode workspace to enjoy the cool vscode integration).

2) Add your ore!

Locate this part of the config:
"ORES": "All settings in regards to deposits. Contains the ores spawning in your world.",
"deposits": [
"minHeight": 19,
"maxPerChunk": 4,
"maxHeight": 150,
"minPerChunk": 1,
"minSize": 25,
"maxSize": 25,
"palette": [{"block": "granite"}],
"varience": 2
Add your own config using the custom ore properties found at step one. For example:
"minHeight": 2,
"maxPerChunk": 2,
"maxHeight": 30,
"minPerChunk": 0,
"minSize": 3,
"maxSize": 6,
"palette": [{ "block": "oraxen:amethyst_ore" }],
"varience": 5
You can now save the file, reset your world and restart!