Display-Entity Furniture

This page is only relevant to server-versions 1.19.4 and above. Display Entity Furniture will only show for players on 1.19.4 and above. ViaVersion will not fix this. Oraxen must also be version 1.154.0 or above

Keep in mind that changing old furniture configs is not a good idea. Already placed furniture that use ItemFrames will not be updated automatically and might break if the config changes. If you want to change the config, you should remove the furniture and place it again. In the future, we might make a command, system or plugin-addon to migrate old furniture to DisplayEntities / new configs

Display-Entities are a new entity type introduced in 1.19.4. It comes in a few different types: Item, Block and Interaction. Oraxen makes use of Item Display Entities and Interaction Entities for its furniture mechanic. With it, you can configure a bunch of stuff you previously could not. In addition to more options, it will also not cull, meaning it will not unrended at certain angles. This might lead to lower FPS for some players, but furniture will not vanish.

Below is an example of such a config:

  displayname: "<gray>Cart"
  material: PAPER
      type: DISPLAY_ENTITY
        width: 0.4
        height: 0.3
        display_transform: NONE
          block_light: 15
          sky_light: 0
      barrier: true
    generate_model: false
    model: default/cart

Furniture Type

First off, type is a new property added in Oraxen 1.154.0. It allows you to specify if you want to use the old ItemFrame type, or new Display Entity type. If your server allows players on versions below 1.19.4, we suggest sticking with ItemFrame, as the other will not be visible. If this property is not specified, it will default to ITEM_FRAME. The available options are: ITEM_FRAME, GLOW_ITEM_FRAME & DISPLAY_ENTITY


Display Entity Properties

This section will detail the many options this new entity-type adds. Some are more useful than others, but I have added more or less all of them. Under display_entity_properties you can define these settings: display_transform, tracking_rotation, brightness, view_range, shadow_radius, shadow_strength, scale

The display_transform dictates how the model will be displayed. By default it is set to NONE, which will show it as it looks when you open the model in BlockBench. As some other plugins might use ArmorStands and add the furniture to its head, you can set this option to HEAD for the same effect. There is also: FIRSTPERSON_LEFTHAND, FIRSTPERSON_RIGHTHAND, FIXED, GROUND, GUI, THIRDPERSON_LEFTHAND, THIRDPERSON_RIGHTHAND. All of these will be displayed ingame as shown in BlockBench's Display Tab under the specified type. Look at Furniture Position for an example on FIXED (ItemFrame Position)

The tracking_rotation-property defines whether you want the furniture to "track" the player. This is mainly for stuff like billboard and leaderboards you want the player to see, not normal furniture. Options are: FIXED - No rotation VERTICAL - Pivots around vertical axis HORIZONTAL - Pivots around horizontal axis CENTER - Pivots around center point

The brightness-property is a way to have your furniture emit light. It has a block_light and sky_light property for the different types of lighting Minecraft has. Config should look like this:

    block_light: 15
    sky_light: 0

The scale-property is a way to scale the furniture. It has a x, y and z property for scaling on each axis. Config should look like this:

    x: 1
    y: 1
    z: 1

view_range, shadow_radius, shadow_strength should be self-explanatory.

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