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The different mechanics available by default and their configurations sorted by category


Custom Food

This mechanic allows you to set food-related properties for any food item. This means you can create foods which refill different amounts of hunger and saturation. It also lets you set a replacement item for when the food has been consumed.
Below is a config example of the mechanic-part for a custom food:
hunger: 10
saturation: 10
oraxen_item: any_oraxen_itemid # Can also be minecraft_type or crucible_item
effect_probability: 0.35 # The probability of the effect being applied, default is 1.0 / 100%
hunger: # Must be a valid potion effect, can find a list https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/potion/PotionEffectType.html
amplifier: 1 # If not set, defaults to 0
duration: 20 # Duration in seconds. If not set, defaults to 1 second
is_ambient: true # If not set, defaults to true
has_particles: true # If not set, defaults to true
has_icon: true # If not set, defaults to true
duration: 60


This allows you to turn any item into a backpack.\
This mechanic might cause duplication issues! If you find any please open a bug-report and we will fix them as soon as possible!\
There is currently a known dupe, if your backpack is using a stackable material like paper. Make sure to specify that the item should be unstackable, like shown below.\

Per item configuration

displayname: backpack
material: PAPER
unstackable: true #Recommend making it unstackable to avoid abovementioned dupe
rows: 4
title: "<red>Backpack" #Optional, Default: "Backpack"
open_sound: "entity.shulker.open" #Optional, Default: "entity.shulker.open"
close_sound: "entity.shulker.close" #Optional, Default: "entity.shulker.close"

Music Disc

This allows you to make custom music discs with custom sounds. To add a sound simply follow the default example by adding it into Oraxen/sound.yml\
Any stereo sounds will not play at a specific position or following an entity. If you want this you need to make sure your .ogg sound-file is in mono sound format.
song is the namespace:sound.name as you defined it in sound.yml. If your sound.yml entry looks like this:
category: record
sound: mysong.ogg
This means your .ogg file is in the path Oraxen/sounds/mysong.ogg, and your sound-ID is my_music_disc_song.mysong with the namespace minecraft. If you are importing sounds.json into another namespace, the namespace would naturally not be minecraft
song: "minecraft:my_music_disc_song.mysong"


This allows you to change the durability of an item created with Oraxen. Minecraft vanilla wasn't made to handle that kind of modifications, this is why this system is not perfect. You'll not see the good durability on your item, it will just work as a percentage. What that means is that if for example you create a pickaxe based off the wooden pickaxe (which has 59 of durability by default) and you change it to 5900, you'll still see 59 of durability on your item. But you'll need to break 100 blocks in order to lose of one durability. The cool thing is that the displayed bar will be updated correctly.

Per item configuration

There are two options available : ratio and fixed_amount. You can put only one of these two options on the same item. Ratio allows you to repair a percentage of your item (0.15 will repair 15% of maximum durability while 1.0 will repair it to 100%). Fixe amount repairs a fixed amount of your item durability (put 10 if you want to add 10 durability points to your item for example).
value: 5000 #diamond sword is 1561 by default


This mechanic allows you to use an item to repair another one (which uses vanilla durability or oraxen custom). By default this mechanic is binded to iron, gold and diamond cogs. To use them you just need to click on the item you want to repair.

Per item configuration

ratio: 0.10 # 10%
fixed_amount: 10 # or 10 durability points

Global configuration

If you enable oraxen_durability_only, this mechanic will only work with items using oraxen Durability mechanic.
enabled: true
oraxen_durability_only: false


This allows you to execute commands (as the console, a player or op player). If this option is not often the most elegant it has the merit of simplifying a lot of things. You can create a cooldown between usages, check if the player has a specific permission and use the item (understand decrease its amount by one when the command is performed).

Per item configuration

cooldown: 5 # example cooldown in seconds. This is optional
permission: "my.awesome.perm" # required permission. This is optional
one_usage: true # should the amount decrease when used? Default: false
# e.g. to kill the player
- "kill %p%"
# e.g. the player performs /spawn
- "spawn"
# e.g. the player gives himself a diamond sword
- "give diamond_sword 1"


This allows you to bind a Potion Effect to an armor (or a hat) so that when you equip it you'll get the effect.

Per item configuration

Here is a list of all potion effect types available.
night_vision: # the potion effect type
amplifier: 0
ambient: true # Makes potion effect produce more, translucent, particles.
particles: true # whether this effect has particles or not
icon: true # whether this effect has an icon or not

Block and NoteBlock

These mechanic allows you to use an item as block. Since these are quite special mechanics, they have a dedicated tutorial page.


This mechanic allows you to run various events when a player clicks a block or furniture. It is very customizable, so it also has a dedicated tutorial page.


Do you want to show a cool particle effect when a player holds your item? The Aura mechanic is your way to go. You can find a list of available particles here: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/spigot/org/bukkit/Particle.html

Per item configuration (easy)

type: simple # available types: [ simple, ring, helix ]
particle: PORTAL


Do you want to create a hat? Use this mechanic so that you'll be able to put any item on your head.

Per item configuration (easy)

enabled: true


With this mechanic, you can change the texture of an item using an item with Skin mechanic.

Per item configuration

skinnable: {}


With this mechanic, you can change the item type detected by OraxenBlocks. Make sure to use a type declared inside the block mechanic.

Per item configuration

value: SUPER_MATERIAL # your itemType


With this mechanic, you can avoid the players to lose their item when they die.

Per item configuration

lose_chance: 0

Custom mechanic

This mechanic allows you to customize events, conditions and actions. Since it is a quite rspecial mechanic, it has its dedicated tutorial page.


This mechanic will allow the item to be a skin for Skinnable mechanic, skin and Skinnable item must have the same material to apply the texture.

Per item configuration

consume: true #consume 1 skin item



Have you ever dreamed of being able to throw lightning bolts? This is for you.

Per item configuration

lightning_bolts_amount: 5
random_location_variation: 1.5
delay: 20000 # in milliseconds (20000ms = 20s)
  • lightning_bolts_amount: how many lightning bolts will be spawned?
  • random_location_variation: the random variation range between bolts (in blocks)
  • delay: delay between usage in milliseconds (1000ms = 1s)


Want to steal hearts to your opponents when you hit them?

Per item configuration

amount: 2 # the amount of 1/2 hearts that you'll steal to your opponents


EnergyBlast is a very cool mechanic that creates a cone of particles to attack entities.

Per item configuration

delay: 20000
length: 5
damage: 10.0
type: REDSTONE #Only REDSTONE particle can change size and color.
size: 1
red: 0
green: 255
blue: 255


Send wither skulls when right clicking!

Per item configuration

charged: false # a charged skull can break blocks
delay: 3000 # in milliseconds (3000ms = 3s)



Harvesting allows you to recolt and replant automatically wheat in a certain radius.

Per item configuration

cooldown: 10000 # 10 seconds between usages
radius: 5 # blocks surrounding the clicked block
height: 3 # high


Bigmining allows you to mine different blocks at the same time. By default this mechanic is used on the hammers and allows you to mine 3x3 square and more.

Per item configuration

radius: 1 # blocks surrounding the broken block
depth: 1


Smelting allows you to instantly melt iron and gold ores when you mine them. This supports fortune and silktouch.

Per item configuration

enabled: true
play_sound: true


This allows to transform your experience into bottles of experience with a right click. You can configure a loss percentage.

Per item configuration

The ratio corresponds to the quantity of exp transformed into a bottle for one exp.
ratio: 0.95 # So you'll lose 1/20 of your exp by converting it

Global configuration

enabled: true
durability_cost: 1


This mechanic depends on ProtocolLib, if you can't use ProtocolLib, you need to disable it

Per item configuration

The hardness is the amount of ticks between breaking animation switch and probability is the percentage of chance to get the bedrock (0.10 for 10%, 0.5 for 50% or 1.0 for 100%).
hardness: 10
probability: 1

Global configuration

If you set disable_on_first_layer to true, your players will no longer be able to break the ground (layer 0), the durability_cost is the amount of durability the item you've set bedrockbreak
enabled: true
disable_on_first_layer: false
durability_cost: 500